February, 2017


Trans Oscar?

First Trans Sex, now Trans Oscar How hilarious is this?, We have Trans gender, Trans age, Trans race, Trans species and now Trans OSCAR You stupid progressive Hollywood liberals were so damned busy ragging on President Trump that you setup the biggest folly since well The Follies. And you could have really had yourself a field day if you had just given as much attention to the New DNC Chair, the biggest present to the Republican Party since Nancy Pukelosi.   Whew, can you smell that? it’s called career rot,Read More

Oh Mr. Perez

The democrat party is united? so says the comedy show, ( after all, you guys have a Maxine Waters, ) well, so are the leaves that have been rotting in my swimming pool all winter, but I’m not going to jump in and swim with them, maybe you progressives should take the same approach, oh or at least wait until you get one candidate for something, anywhere, head doughnut maker, head cheese we don’t care, just one honestly elected candidate that doesn’t have the word rigged attached to it’s name,Read More

Bullshit is bullshit

  You can take a pile of bullshit and paint it, sugar it and do your best to pass it off as a honey bun all you want,  but the bottom line is that when you really delve into it your going to find all you have is bullshit.   Such is the case of the Krogers grocery store in Oxford Ohio, the sugar coating would be how they act like they are doing so well and treating the customers so well, friendly faces, happy atmosphere and successful acting managers,Read More

Hello and the hell with it

It has been some years since I activated township news, but seeing the victories around the U.S. this year has prompted me to get involved again.   So stay tuned, I’ll be gearing up with my particular right wing common sense going to piss off the liberals rhetoric soon enought

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