Bullshit is bullshit


You can take a pile of bullshit and paint it, sugar it and do your best to pass it off as a honey bun all you want,  but the bottom line is that when you really delve into it your going to find all you have is bullshit.


Such is the case of the Krogers grocery store in Oxford Ohio, the sugar coating would be how they act like they are doing so well and treating the customers so well, friendly faces, happy atmosphere and successful acting managers, sounds like your down home mega box corner grocery store.

Until you delve into it


Well in order for me to delve with you and show you how the one and only grocery store in town trapping thousands of Miami U students into shopping there forms the illusion that the managers are doing so well, I’m going to have to do a historical time warp back about 57 years ago to 1959, and tell you about my younger brother, John.


Poor John, when he was 2 years old came down with scarlet fever, we lived way out in the hills of Taylor Mill Kentucky, ( yes I know Taylor Mill is a metropolis now, but it wasn’t then ) and by the time my mother got him to the local hospital his fever had reached a whopping 108 degrees, the capillaries in the right front of his brain ruptured and he began to have gran mall seizures, my father was serving in the Korea at this time.

John had to go onto some of the most powerful medications known to man just to keep his body from convulsing, it was so bad in those days that one of us would have to hold his tongue to keep him from swallowing it and ripping it loose from his mouth. As a result of this medication John’s maturity has been repressed, or in other words his emotional growth has been retarded, I hate the use of that term but it is what it is. John in some ways is a 59 year old man now, but in a lot of ways he is a 10 year old kid.


In 1961 my father bought a starter home a little north of Cincinnati Ohio and moved us there, he also got John in to see a neurologist named Hunter who advised us to put John in a mental hospital named Longview as john would never make it to 6 years old, my father refused, and he obviously knew what he was doing as john is still here, now I’m about to get to the painted bullshit so hang on.



My father kept John alive and not only that but having left the Army and starting his own company had john work for him for thirty years. John has sustained many massive injuries over the years, endured horrendous painful surgeries and never complained but rather simply asked to be able to walk for miles ( due to his seizures he was not ever allowed to drive ) just to frequent his favorite coffee shops and make friends.

John is a very friendly guy

He loves to make friends and leaves people alone and passes no judgment, I could go on hours about the hardships my family endured especially John but that doesn’t get us to the point.

Bullshit is just Bullshit

Now bullshit can come in many forms, it might present it’s ugly head when your watching some stupid show like The 100 and suddenly find yourself witness to two scummy little skanks leaving rug burns on each others thighs, or it can come subtlety as your local pastor forcing an employee to work for free cause the donations are down and that pastor ain’t takin no pay cut baby, bullshit can come in many forms, so let me tell about another form of bullshit we have here locally.


Bullshit is just Bullshit


Let’s do another little time warp, say about 22 years ago. Dad died, he was John’s best friend, they went everywhere together, after work John would sometimes walk 10 miles to see a friend he had made in some hole in the wall coffee shop, my dad always picked him up. Dad was eaten up pretty badly by this time with cancers from exposure to missile fuel in the military years before, but he would get up from his TV chair pull on his slippers and go get John. They were each others side kicks, after Dad died it took my wife and I a few years to convince my mom who at this time had become John’s care taker to move to Oxford Ohio, John was lost and needed to be closer to my family, he needed that connect, something to remind him of everything that made sense to him. Well they moved and actually lived with us for two years, we had a huge old farm house at that time. Eventually they got an apartment in town ( Oxford ) and life went smooth enough, John developed a new routine, made new friends and had a new daily circle he encompassed every day. I’m sure you know the type, I’ve sure you have seen them, my mother sadly had developed a bad case of codependency by this time, she would not let any of us make any decisions and offer any support for John, as a result his personal appearance began to suffer a little, his clothes were clean but overly worn, he lost some weight and thus his clothes looked a tad baggy, but all in all he had a fair appearance, just not quite Dapper Dan.

Then John made a terrible mistake, he discovered the coffee shop at the Krogers Mega conglomerate grocery store across the street from the apartment where he and my mother lived. By this time John had close to 20 years living in Oxford, survived two different Krogers reconstructions and was know by most every full time resident in the area, the place was overrun 9 months out of the year by every snotty little arrogant couldn’t afford Harvard so they went to a State Subsidized school very liberal and tolerant student, tolerant, yeah right. John was and had been getting his life saving medications from this overly self important grocery store for almost 15 years by now.


You smell that? here comes the Bullshit




Ok, one last time warp, I just love these things but I promise this is the last one, two and a half years ago, mom is told by her doctor she has less than 6 months to live, hey, she’s 85, not too bad but she loved her cigarettes and they got her. John is now doing the grocery shopping and mother has a very important medication that could extend her life to six months, this in addition to John;s medications are both supplied by the Oxfords Krogers Pharmacy.

Well, it’s a Friday night John goes across the street to the very preppy coffee shop at Krogers, as he is ordering his coffee he committed the dreadful act of saying hi to a woman standing next to him, within seconds a very broken English speaking angry husband was in John;s face telling John he was going to kill him.

John laughed at him and told him to go head and try, immediately a manager of some sort is in John’s face telling him that she didn’t like people like John and that he was forbidden to ever come into the store again. Think about this, here is my sick mother and my brother within a week running out of groceries and medications and desperate, so dear silly mom sent John over to try to get groceries once again, after all they had been customers for 20 years, everyone else in the store thought the world of both John and my mom.

He was met midway through the store by one sales clerk and this same young progressive very tolerant college graduate manager blocking his way to the pharmacy and forcing him back out the door without his product. Now right about this same time my mother had permitted a woman by the name of Kim Butler to move in and help out a little. Kim also attempted to escort John in to get the medications and she was met and told by said manager that scum like John was not permitted in the store, that Krogers just did not value that type of business, combined my brother and mother spent $3500.00 per month just in medications.

It was then that Kim Butler called me and told me what was going on.

You know, I served almost ten years active duty myself, and there are those  times for just a brief moment that I have a slight regret for having served to defend certain people, and it was re affirmed when I called and spoke to this supposed manager of what I came to find out was, get this, the customer service manager, and experienced her total line of pure Bullshit as well as her arrogant and totally out of control attitude that I had such a moment.

I even spoke with the local Police, they knew John well and liked him, they had no idea this had been happening, there had been no complaint no mention of an issue and they had learned quite well over the years to look out for those special people like my brother. Oxford Police Lt Jones told me that they had noticed a sudden downturn in John’s persona over the past few days and he was a little bit concerned.

The next day I stopped by to check on my mom and John met me at the door with bags packed, he was done with it for a second time in his life and was giving up on his home yet again, he was moving in with Mary and I. Twice over the next week I tried to get John in to get his medications, he was told he could walk up to the drive through window and pick up his medication. At this point it because apparent to Mary and I this was nothing short of an attempt to humiliate and demoralize a person that the tolerant left didn’t find attractive. We took the necessary steps to take custody of John, he has lived with us since.

Bullshit alert,

Fast forward to today, it’s been two years plus since john moved in with Mary and I, he is doing great, but Mom died November of 2015 and John misses her terribly, yes we got her out of that damned place and rescued her as well, built her a cottage out back where she finished her days around family, but John being the disabled mentally person he is misses her terribly, so today I took him to Oxford, I dropped him off but I stayed close by, he just needed to reconnect, to remember things, feel and touch old grounds, and one of them was the coffee shop at Krogers where he and my mom would go on Saturdays, years before this Bullshit wannabe manager came there and have their coffee.

He had his coffee and got up to leave, the pharmacist remembered him and they chatted it up a bit, the meat manager and John had a good time catching up, I was parked right outside watching and then Mr.s Bullshit noticed him, she was on him like stink on shit, John doing exactly what I had told him to do said goodbye and attempted to leave the store, for five minutes Mr.s Bullshit blocked his way regardless of how he turned and just has herself a field day berating him and trying real hard to make an example out of him, and I guess in her own arrogant was make herself feel real good and important, I brought John home and we stopped at our local Krogers where I had a chat with a store manager a bout this and they just rolled their eyes at the mention of said Mrs. Bullshit, they knew her well.

So whist I think highly of Krogers and even rather highly of the Krogers in Hamilton I think it’s very important for us every day consumers to recognize a piece of bullshit when we see it no matter how dressed up it may be

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