Oh Mr. Perez

The democrat party is united?

so says the comedy show, ( after all, you guys have a Maxine Waters, ) well, so are the leaves that have been rotting in my swimming pool all winter, but I’m not going to jump in and swim with them, maybe you progressives should take the same approach, oh or at least wait until you get one candidate for something, anywhere, head doughnut maker, head cheese we don’t care, just one honestly elected candidate that doesn’t have the word rigged attached to it’s name, I say it because we conservatives don’t know what sex or ethnic background it may be at the moment and we are a party of unity, you know, the GOP, we don’t wish to offend.

So now you Guys,  ( Is that sexist? ) and Gals got your selves a real wing dinger, and the best part about it all is that it’s one hell of a gift for the Republican Party, your going to be so far to the left your going to be involved in a head on collision with your self, kinda like the way you have sex, oops, ( Was that politically incorrect? )

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