Trans Oscar?

First Trans Sex, now Trans Oscar

How hilarious is this?, We have Trans gender, Trans age, Trans race, Trans species and now Trans OSCAR

You stupid progressive Hollywood liberals were so damned busy ragging on President Trump that you setup the biggest folly since well The Follies. And you could have really had yourself a field day if you had just given as much attention to the New DNC Chair, the biggest present to the Republican Party since Nancy Pukelosi.


Whew, can you smell that? it’s called career rot, make jokes, make fun and then, make BIG friggin mistakes, and at least Steve Harvey caught on quickly.

Hey hollywoody, Trump didn’t have to tweet last night did he, nope, your festering boils of boiling over putrid puss dripping nero nazi commie ( Don’t like no one who is different ) trans mentals got on there and did you in.


I’ll bet the president is enjoying his breakfast this morning, oh, I know, you guys can’t stand that he gets up, get ready for it, early and beats you to the keyboard. So let’s see, he dominates the news, he dominates twitter, he dominates Wall Street, he dominates all the talk shows and now he even dominates the Oscars.


You snowflakes have a real problem now,

you have a real man on your hands and you don’t know what to do, let me give you a hint, go hide and shut up

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