March, 2017


A day without women, wow it was fantastic

As I drove to the Republican headquarters this morning I noticed all the women who revolted yesterday were back, it was a stunning difference to see them heading back to work, it really made yesterday stand out. I'm retired now And my lovely wife still has a few years to go, but none the less she accepted a job at the board of elections so many years ago and at that time I decided I was going to learn to cook and clean, no way was my wife of soRead More

Who are you wearing, are you for real?

Asked by as (reported by several news agencies) Over Zealous Reporters at places like the Oscars, is a reference to trying to let the common folk know what brand of ridiculously over priced BIG NAME clothing line celebrities have on is a complete demonstration of just how low we as a society have sunk. Hey Baby, I gots Wrangler on Probably picked up by the wife at the local good will store, she could have gotten me a pair, or even seven pair of BONOBOS but then I would beRead More

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