Who are you wearing, are you for real?

Asked by as (reported by several news agencies)

Over Zealous Reporters

at places like the Oscars, is a reference to trying to let the common folk know what brand of ridiculously over priced BIG NAME clothing line celebrities have on is a complete demonstration of just how low we as a society have sunk.

Hey Baby, I gots Wrangler on

Probably picked up by the wife at the local good will store, she could have gotten me a pair, or even seven pair of BONOBOS but then I would be a preppy little snowflake just waiting to be evaporated by the slightest bit of wind and heat that blew my way and would not be able to donate 50 tubes of toothpaste, 50 toothbrushes and so on to the local charity house to help out those hard working families in my local area who can't afford to go to the Grammies and State of the Union addresses and hob knob, or in some of your snowflake cases Knob Hob.

Last night's State of the Union address was the first truly inspirational speech we have heard in 12 years at least, probably more, yet there are always those juvenile prom queens in attendance


. Yo, Lucy, you look good doin that, how do I look?


Who probably shop Ivanka Trump at Macy's, shhh don't tell anyone,

hey they do kinda dress like the bopsy twins



Disrespect seems to be the article of the day



Don't you Dis me!

Yep, it's all about disrespecting higher positions of authority in this land, Thank you Omerbamma another trademark of your legacy


Hitler engaged in a process of tearing down everything that stood for the old guard of Germany and setting in motion a complete lack of control for anything but his own, he hated anyone who stood up to him and for the normalcy of past traditions. Sound familiar? We had one fraud run on change we can believe in, which became change we could wipe our ass with and now we are making an effort to return to that which worked for us in the past, brought prosperity and safety for all and the best the counter punch can come up with is

Who are you wearing

And give a good ole fashioned Jr. High School thumbs down, hey little girls, this is not the Roman Colosseum, you friggin morons, this is 2017, get with the program

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