A day without women, wow it was fantastic

As I drove to the Republican headquarters this morning I noticed all the women who revolted yesterday were back, it was a stunning difference to see them heading back to work, it really made yesterday stand out.

I'm retired now

And my lovely wife still has a few years to go, but none the less she accepted a job at the board of elections so many years ago and at that time I decided I was going to learn to cook and clean, no way was my wife of so many years going to work 12 and 16 hour days and then come home to cook, so I took it upon myself to learn, and I've gotten quite good, she deserves it.

Retirement can be cool

One of the best parts about retiring is you have a lot of loose ends to wrap up and time to do it, I wasn't ready to quit and become a couch potato or drift into unheard oblivion so I started volunteering at our GOP headquarters. I try to give about 4 hours a day from 8:00 am till noon, then I get to go about wrapping up my loose ends, you know things like those old Army injuries from the 70's that have come back to haunt me, learning newer and healthier dishes for my family and occasionally doing something for the grand kids to ease the load on our kids.


It was about 8:30 when I realized the enormity this march / movement

Unbelievable the impact this movement made on not only my local but also State community.

You see one of the things I can do now is goto the local grocery store and buy fresh produce for our dinner that night, I think a lot of the local clerks get a kick outta me looking like grandpa shopping for his wife, they try to make the time to offer assistance when they know I'm overwhelmed with that male grocery store confusion but they really can't.

I really enjoy going to Meijers and Krogers and checking out the produce sections, which have a distinct European flair by the way and coming up with new ideas for dinner, remember I just started doing this part of it this year as I retired.


Getting things done without these women

I also have two boats I'm restoring, a 1983 31 foot two cabin Chris Craft Scorpion that is almost as beautiful as my dear wife, and an 18 foot Bass boat. As a result I'm am always on the road in the afternoon picking up parts. So you see I am very mobile and very publicly engaged as an older retired Grandpa sort of guy. And we now have a day without women, a significant part of our work force.

Well not really

It was less than 2% of our female work force who participated, but it was enough to make a difference.

The first thing I noticed was a significant decrease in the amount of 22 years old mini skirt wearing snotty little idiots tailgating me down Stahlheber hill, a 35 MPH zone that my grandchildren can't ride bikes on because it makes murder race 1984 look like a slot car.

I drove the speed limit, Normally I'll give those misandrists a little slack and split the difference with them by going 43 in that 35 mile zone, but I still have to tolerate those tattooed up adult wanna be's throwing me the finger in my rear view window all the way down the hill, I wish they knew how hard we laugh at them when we look through the photos of them after dinner.

I actually drove the speed limit yesterday, it was nice. Don't misunderstand, these immature came here from Hamilton County dip shits are no threat, they are a never ending source of amusement, most of then have no idea, don't mess with an ex Army Recon Scout, he can really ruin your day.

Next I noticed

a big difference when I had to call the State Medicare over my brother, I have a younger brother who is mentally challenged who came to live with us last year when my mother died. This is normally a nightmare call, you get some idiot on the phone who has a builtin attitude and doesn't know their job, well, they were on strike yesterday so I got someone who resolved my question / issue in 30 secs.

I was able to get to Lodders Marina in half the time because route 4 wasn't full of 39 year teenage wanna be's pulling out in front of everyone and causing traffic jams and as a result had time to research my part a little better and save $96.00.

Wow, a day without women

What an impact it made, because of the time I saved going to Lodders I went to the grocery store earlier than usual and guess what, it was quiet, there were numerous cash registers open and I got in, got out and even had time to chit chat a little with my favorite clerks, they had time to tell me about a few better vegetables that are healthier and actually tastier, they had the time, they weren't frustrated arguing with 49 year old's trying their best to look like their teenage daughters all pissed off because their dollar off coupon had expired 30 days earlier, then to beat all, I had time to learn a better way to roast peppers and onions with garlic, so our dinner was even better than before.

Not all women choose this way

As I said earlier only about 2% of the females in this becoming great again nation of ours chose to take the day without you path.

The other 98% carried on as usual, these are hard working seriously dedicated women who are the backbone of the men and folks around them who adore them and treat them with the respect they have earned, I know there is an issue of equal pay, and I understand that issue, the United States Army has the same issue, maybe we should have a day without protection march, maybe we could include the Police and Fire fighters, let's see how that works out for us, none the less the vast majority of the wonderful respectable women of our nation went to work yesterday and the misguided few who normally show up to create dissension and confusion decided to goto Washington ( the best sink hole on earth for them ) and we saw the difference, things got done, people were safer on the roads, the kids got a free day off from school.

Bottom line is, you made no difference, the real women of America filled in the gap, and the way I hear it,

without much additional effort


Hey, let's do it again

Let's do it again girls, how about a week, or month even shit let's do a year without your useless progressive asses out there, it will certainly make my job easier and we have plenty of guys out there who think they are girls, you won't be missed.

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